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U Moe Myint Collection
ตามพระราชดำริสมเด็จพระเทพรัตนราชสุดาฯ สยามบรมราชกุมารี

Title / Author
  1. The 13-carat diamond and other short stories: a collection of short stories and sketches / Khin Myo Chit, Daw
  2. A bachelor girl in Burma / G E Mitton
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  3. A Burmese arcady; an account of a long & intimate sojourn amongst the mountain dwellers of the Burmese hinterland & of their engaging characteristics and customs, etc. / C M Enriquez
  4. A Burmese enchantment / Colin Metcalfe Enriquez
  5. A child at arms / Patrick Davis
  6. A cultural study of the Burmese era / R L Soni
  7. A detail on the Burma front / Winifred Hilda Beaumont
  8. A history of Burma / Maung Htin Aung
  9. A Kind of Fighting. A novel / Patrick Cruttwell
  10. A kingdom lost for a drop of honey, and other Burmese folktales
  11. A Marriage in Burmah, a novel / M Chan-toon
  12. A pocket guide to Burma / Special Service Division.; United States
  13. A practical method with the Burmese language / William Hill Sloan
  14. A trial in Burma : the assassination of Aung San / Maung Maung
  15. Afoot And Afloat in Burma / A H Williams
  16. Aid to Land-Surveying. Small edition. In Burmese / John Charles CLANCEY
  17. Among pagodas and fair ladies : an account of a tour through Burma / Gwendolen Galton Trench Gascoigne
  18. An English girl's first impression of Burmah / Beth Ellis
  19. An introduction to the history of South-east Asia / Bertie Reginald Pearn
  20. An introduction to the political economy of Burma / J S Furnivall
  21. * Anawrahta of Burma / Khin Myo Chit, Daw
  22. Around the shores of Asia, a diary of travel from the Golden Horn to the Golden Gate / Mary Augusta Mason Dickinson Poynter, lady
  23. Articles on the physiography of Burma / Nyi Nyi
  24. Aung San and the struggle for Burmese independence / Angelene Naw
  25. Aung San of Burma / Maung Maung
  26. Back to Mandalay / Lowell Thomas
  27. Ballads of Burma : anecdotal and analytical / Oolay
  28. Beyond the Chindwin, being an account of the adventures of Number five column of the Wingate expedition into Burma, 1943
  29. The Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Limited, 1863-1963 / A C Pointon
  30. Borderlines : a journey in Thailand and Burma / Charles Nicholl
  31. Brahmanical Gods in Burma. A chapter of Indian art and iconography / Nihar-ranjan Ray
  32. Breakthrough in Burma; memoirs of a revolution, 1939-1946 / Ba Maw, U
  33. British rule in Burma, 1824-1942. / G E Harvey
  34. Buddhism and society; a great tradition and its Burmese vicissitudes / Melford E Spiro
  35. Buddhism: being a sketch of the life and teachings of Gautama, the Buddha / T W Rhys Davids
  36. Building a welfare state in Burma, 1948-1956 / Frank N Trager
  37. Burma : military rule & the politics of stagnation / Josef Silverstein
  38. Burma : S.P.G. handbooks new series / Charles Randolph Purser
  39. Burma and General Ne Win / Maung Maung, U
  40. Burma and the insurrections
  41. Burma as it was, as it is, and as it will be / James George Scott, Sir
  42. Burma Baptist chronicle / Line drawings / Maung Shwe Wa; Genevieve Sowards; Erville Sowards
  43. Burma during the Japanese occupation / Burma. Intelligence Bureau
  44. Burma during the Japanese occupation. Vol. II / Burma. Intelligence Bureau
  45. Burma in the family of nations / Maung Maung, U
  46. Burma through alien eyes; missionary views of the Burmese in the nineteenth century / Helen G Trager
  47. Burma through the centuries / John Stuart
  48. Burma under the Japanese / Thakin Nu
  49. Burma's Constitution / Maung Maung
  50. Burma's currency and credit / Tun Wai, U
  51. Burma's icy mountains / Francis Kingdon Ward
  52. Burma's struggle against British imperialism, 1885-1895 / Ni Ni Myint
  53. Burma, a handbook of practical information / James George Scott, Sir
  54. Burma, a profile / Norma Bixler
  55. Burma, from kingdom to republic : a historical and political analysis / Frank N Trager
  56. Burma, painted & described / Robert Talbot Kelly
  57. Burma: a selected and annotated bibliography / Frank N Trager
  58. Burma; the land and the people / Robert Talbot Kelly
  59. The Burma wars, 1824-1886 / George Bruce
  60. The Burman : his life and notions / Yoe Shway
  61. The Burman : his life and notions Vol. II / Yoe Shway
  62. * Burmese administrative cycles : anarchy and conquest, c. 1580-1760 / Victor B Lieberman
  63. Burmese and Thai fairy tales / Eleanor Brockett; Harry Toothill; Ilse Toothill
  64. Burmese culture, general and particular / Khin Zaw, U
  65. Burmese days; a novel / George Orwell
  66. Burmese drama : a study, with translations of Burmese plays / Htin Aung, U.
  67. * Burmese economic life
  68. Burmese folk songs / Myint Thein, Maung.; Htin Aung, Maung
  69. Burmese Folk-Tales / HTIN AUNG, Maung
  70. Burmese journey / Norma Bixler
  71. Burmese law tales : the legal element in Burmese folk-lore / Maung Htin Aung
  72. Burmese monk's tales / Maung Htin Aung
  73. Burmese nursery songs / Wun, U
  74. Burmese outpost / Anthony Irwin
  75. Burmese petitions, letters and other papers / James E Bridges
  76. Burmese proverbs explained in verse / Myint Thein, U
  77. Burmese sketches / Taw Sein Ko
  78. * Burmese supernaturalism; a study in the explanation and reduction of suffering / Melford E Spiro
  79. Burmese vignettes (24 sketches of Burmese life and character) / C Harcourt Robertson
  80. Catalogue of the Burney Parabaiks in the India Office Library / haung Blackmore; Henry Burney
  81. The changing of kings : memories of Burma, 1934-1949 / Leslie Glass
  82. China: its costume, arts, manufactures, &c. edited principally from the originals in the cabinet of the late M. Bertin / Jean Baptiste Joseph Breton; Steven Runciman, Sir
  83. The Chindits and the stars / Maung Thiha
  84. * Colonial policy and practice; a comparative study of Burma and Netherlands India / J S Furnivall
  85. Colourful Burma Vol. I / Khin Myo Chit
  86. The commoner grasses of Burma : with notes on their agricultural importance and distribution / A McKerral; Burma. Dept. of Agriculture
  87. Early English intercourse with Burma, 1587-1743 / D G E Hall
  88. Economic development of Burma from 1800 till 1940 / Tun Wai, U
  89. Elephant Bill / James Howard Williams
  90. Epistles written on the eve of the Anglo-Burmese war / Nandadhaja, Shin; Htin Aung, U
  91. Europe and Burma; a study of European relations with Burma to the annexation of Thibaw's kingdom, 1886 / D G E Hall
  92. The Far East in modern times / J Russell Andrus
  93. Fifty selected poems / Friedrich V Lustig
  94. Fluttering leaves - a collection of Friedrich V. Lustig's poems / Friedrich V Lustig
  95. Folk elements in Burmese Buddhism / Maung Htin Aung
  96. For love of The King : A Burmese masque. / Oscar Wilde
  97. The foundations of local self-government in India, Pakistan and Burma / Hugh Tinker
  98. Four years in Upper Burma / W R Winston
  99. The fourth Anglo-Burmese war : Britain and the independence of Burma / Nicholas Tarling
  100. The Frogman of Burma : The Story of the Sea Reconnaissance Unit / Bruce S Wright
  101. * From Bangkok to Bombay ; Siam, French Indo-China, Burma, Hindustan / Frank G Carpenter
  102. The future of Burma / Frank Burton Leach
  103. The geology of the area around Neyaungga and Ye-ngan, Southern Shan States, Burma / M S Garson; B J Amos; A H G Mitchell
  104. The Golden Dragon or Up and down the Irrawaddi : being passages of adventure in the Burman empire / An American
  105. The golden road to modernity; village life in contemporary Burma / Manning Nash
  106. The great Po Sein / Kenneth Sein; Po Sein; Joseph A Withey
  107. Harp of Burma / Michio Takeyama
  108. Helen of Burma / Helen Rodriguez
  109. History of Upper Assam, Upper Burmah and North-Eastern frontier / Leslie Waterfield Shakespear
  110. In the land of pagodas / Robert Bruce Thurber
  111. Indian Labour in Rangoon / E J L Andrew; Herbert Stanley Jevons
  112. Inside a Soviet embassy; experiences of a Russian diplomat in Burma / Aleksandr Kaznacheev, Simon WOLIN
  113. Into Hidden Burma. An autobiography / Maurice Collis
  114. Irrawaddy Flotilla / Alister McCrae; Alan Prentice
  115. * Is trust vindicated?
  116. * The journey up: reminiscences, 1934-1968 / Maurice Collis
  117. The Kachin tribes of Burma, for the information of officers of the Burma frontier service / William James Sherlock Carrapiett
  118. The Kachins : their customs and traditions / Ola Hanson
  119. Khyberie in Burma : the adventures of a mountain pony / C M Enriquez
  120. * King Thebaw and the ecological rape of Burma; the political and commercial struggle between British India and French Indo-China in Burma, 1878-1886, / Charles Lee Keeton
  121. Lady Louis; life of the Countess Mountbatten of Burma / Dennis Holman
  122. The Land of the Great Image. Being experiences of Friar Manrique in Arakan / Maurice Collis
  123. Last and First in Burma, 1941-1948 / Maurice Collis
  124. Law and custom in Burma and the Burmese family / Maung Maung
  125. List of trees, shrubs, and principle climbers, etc. : recorded from Burma with vernacular names / J.H. Lace
  126. London Diary / Maung Maung
  127. Lord Randolph Churchill and the dancing peacock: British Conquest of Burma / Maung Htin Aung
  128. Mandalay the golden / E C V Foucar
  129. Marxism and resistance in Burma 1942-1945 : Thein Pe Myint's Wartime traveler / Robert H Taylor; Pe Myint Thein
  130. The Meitheis / Thomas Callan Hodson
  131. Michael Symes : journal of his second embassy to the Court of Ava in 1802 / Daniel George Edward Hall
  132. Military operations in Burma, 1890-1892 letters from J. K. Watson / J. K. Watson; B. R. Pearn
  133. The Mirror 1958 - 1962
  134. Mission in Burma : the Columban Fathers' forty-three years in Kachin country / Edward Fischer
  135. The missionary martyr of Thibaw : a brief record of the life and consecrated missionary labours of Charles William Lambert in upper Burmah / Charles William Lambert; J W Jordan
  136. The Muslims of Burma : a study of a minority group / Moshe Yegar
  137. * Narrative of the Burmese war : detailing the operations of Major-General Sir Archibald Campbell's army from its landing at Rangoon in May, 1824, to the conclusion of a treaty of peace at Yandaboo/ Snodgrass, Major
  138. * Newspaper
  139. * Newspaper 1958 - 1962
  140. On the Irrawaddy : a story of the first Burmese war / G A Henty
  141. The pacification of Burma / Charles Haukes Todd Crosthwaite, Sir
  142. The pagoda war: Lord Dufferin and the fall of the Kingdom of Ava, 1885-6 / A T Q Stewart
  143. * Particulars of Sailings and Fares / Irrawaddy Flotilla Co., Ltd.
  144. Peacock dreams / William H Tydd
  145. Peacocks and pagodas / Paul Edmonds
  146. Pearl of the East : a guide to Burma and its people / Pearl Aung; P Aung Khin
  147. The planned state, an evaluation of the social and economic foundations of the state in the light of a comparative study of the conditions in the East Asiatic and Western countries / Ba Han, Maung
  148. The political legacy of Aung San / Josef Silverstein
  149. * Political systems of highland Burma : a study of Kachin social structures / Edmund Ronald Leach
  150. The Politics and Strategy of the Second World War. Burma : 1942-1945 / Raymond Callahan
  151. Quaint corners of ancient empires : Southern India, Burma and Manila / Mich Meyers Shoemaker
  152. Quartered safe out here : a recollection of the war in Burma / George MacDonald Fraser
  153. Rangoon international cook book / Rangoon (Burma). Methodist English Church. Woman\'s Society of Christian Service.
  154. Regulation of rivers without embankments as applied in the training works at the headwaters of the Rangoon River, Burma / F A Leete; G C Cheyne
  155. The recent operations of the British forces at Rangoon and Martaban / Thomas Turner Baker
  156. Religion and politics in Burma / Donald Eugene Smith
  157. Report of the Superintendent, Archaeological Survey, Burma : for the year ending 31th March
  158. Report on the excavations at Beikthano / Aung Thaw
  159. The retreat from Burma: an intelligence officer's personal story / Tony Mains
  160. Return to Burma / Bernard Fergusson, Sir
  161. Return to the Irrawaddy / Francis Kingdon Ward
  162. The river of lost footsteps : histories of Burma / Thant Myint-U
  163. The roots of the revolution a brief history of the Defence Services of the Union of Burma and the ideals for which they stand / U Ba Than
  164. Silk in Burma / J P Hardiman
  165. The stars and other heavenly bodies / J.C. Clancey
  166. The state in Burma / Robert H Taylor
  167. The story of Burma / Ernest George Harmer
  168. The stricken peacock; Anglo-Burmese relations, 1752-1948 / Htin Aung, U
  169. The Sun 1953
  170. Sunny days in Burma / A W Wills
  171. Ten Thousand Miles through India & Burma. An account of the Oxford University Authentics' cricket tour with Mr. K. J. Key in the year of the Coronation Durbar / Cecil HEADLAM; Kingsmill James KEY
  172. Ten years in Burma / Julius Smith
  173. They reigned in Mandalay / Emile Charles Victor Foucar
  174. Thibaw's queen / H Fielding
  175. To a soldier son / Maung Maung, U
  176. Told on the Pagoda : Tales of Burmah / Mimosa
  177. Toward world peace; addresses and public statements, 1957-1963 / Thant, U
  178. Towards Peace & Democracy / Thakin Nu
  179. Towards the Land of the Rising Sun: or, Four Years in Burma / KATHERINE, Sister
  180. Trials in Burma / Maurice Collis
  181. The trouser people : a story of Burma - in the shadow of the Empire / Andrew Marshall
  182. U Thant in New York, 1961-1971 : a portrait of the third UN secretary-general / Ramses Nassif
  183. The United States and Burma / John F Cady
  184. When at nights I strive to sleep : a book of verse / U Myint Thein
  185. White of Mergen / Maurice Collis
  186. Wide eyes in Burma and Thailand : finding your way / Wayne Stier; Mars Cavers
  187. Wild animals of Burma / Tun Yin, U.
  188. Wild mammals of Myanmar / Tun Yin, U.
  189. Wings of the Phoenix : the Official Story of the Air War in Burma / Great Britain. Air Ministry.; Great Britain. Central Office of Information.
  190. With the Jungle Folk. A sketch of Burmese village life ... Illustrated by a Burmese artist / Edward William Dirom CUMING
  191. The Wood-carving of Burma. With photogr. by P. Klier / Harry L Tilly; Philipp Klier
  192. The youth's guide to arithmetic / Lyman Stilson

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